Canvass and Compare Prices Before Registering Your Domain Name

Sooner or later, you will consider the idea of buying your own domain name. If you are obsessed (this is too strong a word, I know, but I always like to exaggerate things) with your Google and Alexa rankings, I suggest that you do it early. Buy your own domain name while you still haven't reached a Google Page Rank of 3/10. Why? Domain age is one area that's considered when evaluating a site. The older your site is, the higher its importance in the World Wide Web -- or so I "heard" from other bloggers. The moment you register your own domain name, your site's age returns to 0 (zero) and you lose everything like Facebook Likes, Google PR, Alexa Traffic Rank, and backlinks; hence, it's good to do it early and to do it right.

Before you make that very important decision, look around and compare the prices available on the web. Do a Google or a Yahoo search and you will see that prices of domain names range from $1.99/year to $10/year. I'm not promoting any particular webhost here, but I just want to tell you that there are sites that sell domain names at $1.99. I didn't know this at the time I registered mine. Good luck!


  1. Thanks for your advice. I am not familiar with domain name and the price. Trust there is a lot of things to check and consider before buying a domain name. You did a good job. And I like your layout very much.

  2. Great advice. I too should do this soon. I am very confused about things like domain age vs. pagerank you talked about. Some don't agree with that. Nor my observations. But it can't be proved or disproved straight away. Point can be considered.

    This reminds me about my blog urls change recently from .com to .in domains. All Indian writers' blogs are changed last month. My PRs were gone. You can check now, they are back to 1! Age wise they are just new. Wonder how Google amazes everytime. It doesn't matter anyway. But having one domain name is good as even if it blogger decides to block our account, we would not lose if we have registered a domain unless the domain registrar decides to shut us down. Also it saves time from updating our Triond articles links back to blogs.

  3. Thank you for this post. I recently bought my domain name from at a reasonable price. I just learned recently that a Pinoy site is also selling a much cheaper price with free hosting. :(

    You are right. Canvass first and not let excitement rule over your head! :)