How the Warays Greet Each Other on New Year's Day

The truth is, it is very rare to hear a Waray speaker greet his/her fellow Waray on New Year's Day using the local language. We just say "Happy New Year" to each other. The usual answer is "Happy New Year gihap" or "Happy New Year liwat." Both responses mean "Happy New Year, too." (The second version is how we say it in Northern Samar.)

Misay: A Waray Folk Song

(And so it happened one day: I decided to enrich my site content by posting voice clips on this blog. This way, my visitors will have a better engagement with my site. So here I am writing this blog post about Misay. I first learned the song from my parents, who both loved to sing, while I was growing up in San Roque, N. Samar. This was one of our favorites at home. And this is usually a hit whenever I perform this during parties or informal gatherings. Enjoy!)

How to Say Good Morning, Good Afternoon, and Good Evening in Waray

Hi everyone! This post is for those who want to learn how to say some greetings -- and to pronounce them correctly -- in the Waray language. I have started making voice clips for you, my dear friends. I hope you will find them useful.