No Longer A Free Webhosting Site once hosted the two websites I made for my high school students. I liked it because of the many features that it offered to its users, specifically my students.

About a month ago, I prepared a Powerpoint presentation for a group of Education students where I talked about the advantages of integrating technology with classroom activities. I was able to access the two sites and to take several screenshots of their pages.

As of this writing, however, the VSULHS Literary Minds and the VSULHS Budding Writers can no longer be accessed. They completely disappeared from the world wide web. I checked's home page and I didn't find the familiar "Login" button. Instead, there's that "pricing and sign-up" button: that means we have to pay before we can avail of's services.

For classroom teachers who want to build websites for their students, you may try team blogging at or at It's not easy setting up a team blog especially when your students are not tech savvy, but this is the only option that I can think of at this time. Why and Both sites allow publishing without any fees; hence, you need not worry about the possibility that your posts might suddenly disappear without any trace.


  1. Awww...that's too bad. Didn't they even inform you? They should have so that you could have saved or downloaded the posts. Kind of unfair since that is your work. It didn't disappear, it's in their site. Looks more like forcing you to pay. Sad...

    Yup I guess you can not go wrong with blogger or wordpress

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    I'm from

    I'm sorry you lost your sites. In fact we did repeatedly email all the 'free' sites owners, saying that we were changing over to our new version (V2)and if people wanted to keep their old V1 free sites, they had to upgrade for $4.99 pm. Maybe the emails went to the wrong folder. A lot of early stuff was free fir these types of services, but most now charge. There is a cost involved in making and hosting! For very simple stuff, it may go on being free for a while, but in time I guess if you don't want pages of ads, you gotta pay. Best D