Two Waray Words -- Ohataw and Ipo

Ohataw is a food container. It's a concave vessel whose shape is round. In some parts of Samar and Leyte, it is called yahong. Ohataw is a soup bowl.

Ipo is another Waray word for misay/misai. It is also called iding, iring, misay, or uding by other Waray speakers. All these five nouns are Waray terms for cat.

I know my mother tongue very well, yet I haven't come across any Waray word for kitten. Whether it's a cat or a kitten, it's always called ipo. To refer to a kitten, Waray speakers -- especially those from Northern Samar -- usually call it anak sa ipo (a cat's offspring).


  1. In Baybay, Leyte, cats are "miyay". Didn't include it because I always thought "miyay" is not a Waray word, but Cebuano. Mangutana pa kit sa iba. Thanks, Rain.

  2. Interesting, Rhodora. It's neat to learn a few Waray words. Great share. ;-)

  3. It's good to learn new words, thanks for the share.

  4. We also have "Siki" for "Tiil" or Feet,
    and "Kahimu" for "Nawong" or Face.