Waray Words -- Edru and Yatot

Edru. I love the sound of this Waray word especially when the rolling of the letter R is exaggerated.


Not everyone can afford to get near an edru. Only the rich can have that luxury of traveling and of going somewhere. When one boards an edru, it entails money on the part of the traveler. What is an edru? It's the Waray word for AIRPLANE.


Edru involves flying; yatot, crawling. While the rich can afford to fly, one crawls when he/she is as poor as a rat. Well, figuratively. What is yatot? That's RAT in Waray.


  1. Only you could come up with this. The first time I flew, I was thinking "Kadarako sini mandaw nga edru!" Salud.

  2. Daramo pa ini nga iristoryahon ta. Lol!

  3. And I would love to read more of this, Ms. Rhodora :)

  4. The history of the word EDRU comes from HYDRO from HYDROPLANE.