Friday, May 4, 2012

What's Your Google PageRank as of May 4, 2012?

There has been a Google PageRank update very recently. It started several hours ago according to some webmasters. I'm happy with the outcome of this update. I temporarily lost my PageRank (PR) when I registered Warayblogger as a domain name in January this year. Now I'm back to having that green thing in the PR toolbar again.

Did you know that the individual posts of a site are ranked individually? I checked my blog posts and saw a gray PR in some of my pages and a green PR in the other posts. My latest write-up, Waray Songs - The Naughty and the Nonsense is gray (0/10) while some others are green (1/10).

Whale Skeleton in Silago, Southern Leyte -- the First on Leyte Island is likewise green.

Do you want to see your Google PageRank? For quick results, use Check Your Page Rank's domain evaluation tool. There's no need to type an "anti-bot" code because the site does not require one -- that's what I like about this tool. Once you give your site's URL, you will see the number of Yahoo, Google, and links for your site. It also determines the domain age of the site. However, you must ignore the Alexa Rank given by this tool because it's not accurate (as of this writing at least). Download the Alexa Toolbar to your computer or go directly to if you want to get the current Alexa Traffic Rank of your site.

To check the Google PR of individual pages or posts, I recommend You may not feel very convenient with this tool -- you will have to hit two buttons plus type an "anti-bot" code before getting any information from the site -- but it's worth it. Did you notice that long URL in the photo above? That's the URL of one of my blog posts. Try this in the former tool and you will have an N/A result. It only accepts the URL of your homepage. So far, I haven't come across any site that performs what does.

If your site is not ranked yet, remember what other webmasters and bloggers have been saying: the Google PR may be important, but it's not the "be-all and end-all" of online writing. Let's do what makes us happy. Let's keep writing and keep the fire burning. There's another PR update coming, anyway.