KATSAPA and INGGIDS: Two Waray Songs


May katsapa nga dinapa sa bangalog
Nga nagtatabag sin kosta nga hininog.
May man tango pero lunod, di natukob
Dakpa iton kay im' sangod.


A frog there was that crawled into a trench
In its mouth a ripe kosta banana.
It had teeth but they're hidden, it won't bite.
Catch it, for that's your amulet.

How Do We Say DON'T WORRY in Waray?

Hello my dear friends. I made a video tutorial for this topic on my Youtube channel where I explained how we say "Don't worry" in Waray. On the video, you will hear how to pronounce the words correctly. I also gave some sentences in Waray.

PINYA: A Waray Folk Song (With English Translation)


{Translation lifted from TINALUNAY: Hinugpong nga panurat nga Winaray edited by Merlie M. Alunan (2017)}

I will plant a lemon
In your yard.
Leave your husband
And the two of us will be sweet together.

I will plant a lemon tree
Without leaves.
It sprouts at dawn,
Looking for death.
It will soon take root,
In your belly it will sprout.
You're the only one, Inday,
In my heart.

In N. Samar, pinya may also mean lover.

List of Waray Words: Tagalog to Waray

Here's a list of Tagalog words and their Waray equivalent. I compiled this with the help of my fellow Waray friends. If there are erroneous entries on this list or if you want to add some more words, please let me know so I can update this. Salamat! (ES means Eastern Samar; NS, Northern Samar.) 

Update: Here's a new post. It's a list of sentences in Tagalog translated to Waray. The link is right here:


Tagalog to Waray and Waray to Tagalog Sentences


halaman - tanaman

Aalis - malakat; magikan (NS)
Abaniko - paypay; payahan
Abugado - abugado
Abo - abo; agbon
Agahan/almusal - pamahaw
Ahas - halas
Akbay - sangbay; sangkay
Akin - akon
Ako - ako
Akusa - akusar
Alagaan - atamanon
Alak - irimnon
Alam (as in "Alam ko.") - maaram
Alikabok - taputapo
Alila - uripon
Alis - lakat; gikan (NS)
Alisin - tanggalon
Alon - balud
Alupihan - ulalahipan; lalahipan
Ama - amay
Amin - amon
Amo - agaron
Anay - anay
Anim - unom
Anino - lambung; dagaw
Ang - an
Angkan - tulin; rawog (ES)
Ano - ano; nano (NS)
Apat - upat
Apoy - kalayo
Araw (day in English) - adlaw
Araw (sun in English) - adlaw; sudang (NS)
Asim - aslom; asom (NS)
Aso - ayam
Asukal - asukar
At - ug; ngan
Atay - atay
Ate - ate; mana
Atin - aton
Atsay - binata (NS)