PINYA: A Waray Folk Song (With English Translation)


{Translation lifted from TINALUNAY: Hinugpong nga panurat nga Winaray edited by Merlie M. Alunan (2017)}

I will plant a lemon
In your yard.
Leave your husband
And the two of us will be sweet together.

I will plant a lemon tree
Without leaves.
It sprouts at dawn,
Looking for death.
It will soon take root,
In your belly it will sprout.
You're the only one, Inday,
In my heart.

In N. Samar, pinya may also mean lover.


  1. Awesome I love this!

  2. A different version I collected from Eastern.

    Ako magtatanom sin lemon sa iyo libong,
    Hawani ngan paghabuki kay basi tumurok dayon.
    Nan-gamot, nananaringsing
    Tiunay ka Iday sa kasing-kasing.

    Namiyak, namiyak-piyak
    An mga, an mga kasiw-an
    Kay bina-, kay binabayaan.

    There is another version, about Coca-Cola vs. lemonada. :-)