How Do We Say DON'T WORRY in Waray?

Hello my dear friends. I made a video tutorial for this topic on my Youtube channel where I explained how we say "Don't worry" in Waray. On the video, you will hear how to pronounce the words correctly. I also gave some sentences in Waray.

         Below are some examples of "Ayaw kabaraka" sentences.
Ayaw kabaraka, higugmaon ko ikaw. 
Don't worry. I love you.
Ayaw kabaraka, huhulaton ko ikaw. [or Maghuhulat ako ha imo./Maghuhulat ak' sa im'. (N.Samar)]
Don't worry. I will wait for you.
Ayaw kabaraka, maabot kami.
Don't worry. We will be there.
Ayaw kabaraka, papalitan ko ikaw.
Don't worry. I'll buy something for you.
Ayaw kabaraka, sikreto ta la ini.
Don't worry. It's our secret.
Ayaw kabaraka, tangkod ako ha imo./  Ayaw kabaraka, tangkod ak' sa im'. (N.Samar)
Don't worry. I'm faithful/honest with you.
I hope this tutorial helped you. If you want to have more lessons like this in the future, please support me by subscribing to my YT channel. Salamat gud! (^_^)

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