Bagong or Amorphophallus sp. -- the Famous Root Crop of San Roque, Northern Samar

On October 23, 2010, I wrote a short article on about a popular root crop in my hometown. The title of that post was Amorphophallus paeniifolius: A Famous Christmas Delicacy in San Roque, Northern Samar, Philippines

The write-up disappeared around 2015 when and all of its affiliate sites, including Socyberty, suddenly became inaccessible. Triond, by the way, was a revenue-sharing platform where writers published articles on the internet. 

A family of farmers install the sariak before planting Amorphophallus.
Almost every bagong farm in San Roque has a bamboo installation at the center. 

Tagalog Sentences with Waray Translations

Here is a list of Tagalog sentences with their Waray translations. These are based on the comments left by readers from various blog posts on this site. We usually provide a Northern Samar equivalent if the terms are different from the usual/standard Waray. The sentence after the slash is the Northern Samar translation. We will try our best to include as many sentences as possible. You may leave in the comments section below the Tagalog sentences that you would like to be translated. For longer files or documents, you may contact this blog's admin.

And to all the anonymous commenters who are helping us translate for the readers: Salamat ha/sa iyo ngatanan! 💖

Naglalaro ang mga bata. -- Nagmumurumlay an kabataan./
                                      Nag-uurudyag an kabataan.

Lyrics of Kaisdaan: A Waray Folk Song

Didto ha kalalawdan

Maribhong an kadagatan.



Hadto nga mga panahon

An isda nagmalipayon.

Nagtukod hira hin sesyon

Pagmulay ira bubuhaton.

An pating ira ginnumrahan

Hadi han kaisdaan.

Kun di nira pagsundon

Kanan pating hira sisibaron.


KATSAPA and INGGIDS: Two Waray Songs


May katsapa nga dinapa sa bangalog
Nga nagtatabag sin kosta nga hininog.
May man tango pero lunod, di natukob
Dakpa iton kay im' sangod.


A frog there was that crawled into a trench
In its mouth a ripe kosta banana.
It had teeth but they're hidden, it won't bite.
Catch it, for that's your amulet.

How Do We Say DON'T WORRY in Waray?

Hello my dear friends. I made a video tutorial for this topic on my Youtube channel where I explained how we say "Don't worry" in Waray. On the video, you will hear how to pronounce the words correctly. I also gave some sentences in Waray.