On Alexa Traffic Rank and Google PageRank

Because I want to be considered a full-fledged blogger, I am now thinking of conquering the Alexa Traffic Rank and the Google PageRank -- these are two methods of evaluating a website's importance in the online world. Currently, my Alexa Traffic Rank is 2,443,794. About a month ago, it was approximately 5,330,000. Less traffic rank means better performance of the site; hence, my goal now is to reduce this figure to 1 million and possibly to a 6-digit figure. How will I do it? There's a simple trick that other bloggers are doing. I might as well implement it here; hence, beginning today, I will place the Alexa Widget on my sidebar.

Meanwhile, this site's (http://warayblogger.blogspot.com) Google PageRank is 0/10. Considering that this is only the third month that I am writing for this site, a "0" is much better than an N/A. Getting a "0" PageRank simply means my site has been noticed or indexed by Google.

After my Triond profile left the "0" mark on June 27, I saw a glimmer of hope for Online Writing Ideas. Putting content to this site is what I should be working on at this point. A site with less than 20 posts will never be ranked well by Google (and by Alexa). My Triond profile has now a Google PR of 2/10 and an Alexa Traffic Rank of 5,658. With hard work, I'm sure I will also be able to improve this site's ratings.


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