Friday, August 12, 2011

Waray Tutorial: The Other Meaning of Pinya

To Filipinos, pinya is generally known as pineapple; however, there is another meaning of pinya that's familiar to Waray speakers. Let's take a look at this folk song I learned from San Roque, Northern Samar.

Ako magtatanom sin lemon
Sa iyo libong bayai
An im asawa kay kita
An magpipinya.
Ako magtatanom sin lemon
Nga waray dahon
Natudok in maagahon
Naghahanap sin kamatayon.

Loose translation:
I will plant a lemon tree
In your backyard.
You leave your husband
So we can be lovers.
I will plant a lemon tree
That has no leaves
A lemon tree that grows at dawn
Searching for death.

I recorded the song and uploaded it to youtube. Yes, that's the link to the song. Actually, it has a chorus, but I didn't include it in this post as well as on youtube. Perhaps I will, in the future. Anyway, if you're from Samar or Leyte, you must have heard this song before; hence, you know the part which I omitted.

To the Warays, pinya may refer to the fruit or to a lover. In Samar, it is common to hear such statements as "Si Maria, pinya ni Mario" (Maria is Mario's lover) or "Magpinya si Maria ngan si Mario" (Maria and Mario are lovers). A couple is magpinya when engaged in an adulterous relationship. They are NOT magpinya if both parties are single and unattached.

Back to the song: it reflects the playful nature of the Warays and their fondness for symbolism in their language. The last four lines allude to a man's erection and to the sex act. The leafless lemon tree is, apparently, a phallic symbol.

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mtrguanlao said...

Wow sis,you have a very nice singing voice,bravo! :)

Brewed Coffee said...

The singer is coming out :-) Interesting story behind the fruit and the song....Thanks for the info

Anonymous said...

I do attest to the fact that Rhodora is a singer. We were both members of a performance arts group in college & I tell you, she brought the house down everytime she sang & performed! She's awesome! =)