Unclassified: The Jerk Factor

Why are some people jerks? What possesses someone to act like a jerk? Just how messed up in the head does someone have to be to derive some perverse sort of pleasure from being a jerk? I cannot understand the mind-set in such an individual. So why am I addressing this issue?

Yesterday I had to deal with a jerk -- a total jerk. I won't get into specifics, as we all have to contend with these lower life-forms from time to time. Are jerks born of jerks? Perhaps so. Look -- here's a jerk debouching from the mother jerk! Jerks live on the margins of politeness, circling the drain of total *sshole-ism, and are ultimately bound to plummet into its depths.

Venting? You bet I am!!! 

When one is basically a happy person, as I consider myself to be, these jerks really stand out. Maybe that's what elicits their jerk-like behavior -- sensing happiness in others, a happiness that they themselves lack.

Did you ever hear of the Peter Principle? Jerks were certainly factored into the formulation of the Peter Principle. In fact the higher a monkey climbs a pole, the more his ass shows!!!

Don't mind me.

I'm stark raving calm.


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