The Waray Word ALADAW in Two Sentences

"Aladaw" is a Waray word that functions as a transitional device, specifically, a subordinating conjunction.  It is used to introduce a subordinate clause and cannot stand on its own.  I guess there is no exact English translation for this word. "Instead" is the closest word that I can think of at this moment.

"Aladaw" may be dropped when a Waray sentence is translated into English. For example:
"Nagkikinaturog ka la; aladaw, panhugasi ito mga hugasan." 
"You've been sleeping the whole day. Why don't you wash the dishes?"

Let's have another example:
"Ayaw pag-inayara im kwarta; aladaw, ibutang lugod sa bangko."
"Don't hoard your money. Put it in the bank instead." 
 "Put your money in the bank instead of hoarding it."

A Waray subordinate clause that starts with "aladaw" cannot be placed in front of a main clause. Simply put, "aladaw" is usually never placed at the beginning of a sentence.

For a more comprehensive list of Waray words, you may visit this blog's Waray dictionary. Thanks! :-)

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