Three Words Rejected By Triond

I recently submitted a movie review on Black Swan to Triond. Before it was accepted for publication, I had to edit it 5 times because of profanity and spelling errors. I know that that article has a slim chance of being visible in Google Search insofar as article length is concerned; however, I insisted to write it that way because the style itself spoke of how I felt and how I feel about the movie.

The review uses 28 words only. I personally think that the movie can be told in a series of words and does not need a series of long sentences and paragraphs. Anyway, here are the three words rejected by Triond: girly, lesbo, masturbate. In the review, girly became girlish, the phrase hot lesbo sex became lesbian sex, and masturbate became masturbation


Since Triond completely shut down in 2016, I have started recovering my old posts from the site. The original review - uncensored, in 29 words - can be
found here.

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