A Review of 5linkers.com

Using 5linkers.com is like being in a no-strings-attached relationship - you click the link, stay there for 30 seconds, leave the site, and forget about it. You can do several 5links without really reading the entries in some of the blogs, especially those which are not regularly updated. They may be called meaningless clicks from a 5linkers user, but they will surely appear in the website's owner's dashboard.

How does 5linkers.com work? The site is called 5linkers because you have to click 5 links to be able to gain points. These points go to your 5linkers profile. You start losing those points every time a 5linkers user visits your blog. To retain your points, you have to keep on doing 5links; hence, it's a win-win situation for all 5linkers users insofar as having constant blog traffic is concerned. If you're using pay-per-click sites, just be careful when doing the "5links." Read the full article

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Javier said...


Im Javier, 5linkers.com administrator.

I want to thank you for your post, ir really surprised me.

What about if you submit this story to the stories of the home page of 5linkers.com

If you likes 5linkers, you will like webtrafficgrill.com too. Its a new portal, based on a similar system but with new changes and updates.

Thanks a lot!, if you need something please, let me know.

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