Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Search Engine Traffic for Low Ranking Blogs

This guest post is from Raju Dinesh of Interesting Things blog, who had earlier written at Triond and achieved 2 Million views badge. More insights can also be found at his other blog.

I have been observing how the search engine results are evolving recently. The current scenario has evolved to a point where for any topic or keyword, the high ranking websites are taking first positions in search engine results. So if you have a low ranking website or blog, you will have a lot of difficulty in overcoming tough competition from high ranking sites. These high ranking sites might have taken a long time to establish themselves, but it feels unfair especially when they can easily rank up for any topic relative to your low ranking site even if you feel that you have better wisdom or content to share. This has become a natural problem for many bloggers now. It is even worse for those who target hottest trending topics of today.

The Effect of Competition

I will go into the details of how exactly the competition is affecting a low ranking blog.

Just few years ago, it was plain easy to write an article on trending keywords of the day and get some traffic if not much. Six (6) years ago, there was almost nil competition. Although it was there, it wasn't organized by Google. The world-wide-web has presented plenty of scope for targeting a variety of keywords which weren't then well exploited by webmasters. Year after year instead of following better practices, many webmasters tried to game the ranking algorithms of Google. Google too evolved over the years. As webmasters were busy playing games, this presented an opportunity for genuine webmasters. They are the same webmasters that you see today as those running established high ranking websites. All those who tried to exploit loop holes in search engine algorithms were washed down the ranking list of Google search results.

While this was happening, many people who have genuine content to share have found a great opportunity. All those have increased the content on the web and increased the competition. The recession played a pivotal role after this. More competition came from all quarters. As a result, even a genuine blogger has less chance of attracting search engine traffic. It's as though there is an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) mafia out there who take all the share of the pie leaving you little or nothing.

The problem is two-fold. First, you have competition from high ranking sites. You target any keyword, you will rank lower than the established sites in case they also targeted that keyword already. Second, you have competition from low ranking sites like your own. The web is growing in a boundless manner. It is because everyone can become a blogger and share their ideas on the same topic that everybody else also does. These result in a stiff competition for an upcoming blogger. Today, it has even become more difficult to establish your site among the high ranking ones. It is now more of luck despite putting genuine effort.

The Solution is in Volume and Unique Content

From my experience I have come up with a solution for this problem. But then it has its own compromises. If you think something is better than nothing, you can go ahead reading.