What is Mayumo?

Mayumo is a Waray word which means "soft" in English. There's also a more popular Waray word for "soft" -- mahumok -- that is widely used in the Waray-speaking areas. Any Cebuano speaker will be able to immediately recognize the latter because it's almost similar to the Cebuano word humok which also means soft.

This post, however, will focus on this not-so-famous adjectivemayumo.  This word is basically used in the Northern Samar region and can be used in the following expressions:
mayumo nga tinapay
soft bread
mayumo nga kasing-kasing
soft heart
mayumo nga lingkuran
soft chair
mayumo nga sinarungsong
soft sinarungsong (a native delicacy of Northern Samar)
mayumo nga pagkiwa
soft movement
mayumo nga panit
soft skin
mayumo nga panapton
soft cloth

Sinarungsong from San Roque, Northern Samar.
Made of ground rice, coconut milk, and sugar,
sinarungsong is well-known for its soft texture.

When used as a modifier, the connector NGA is placed between mayumo and the noun word. When used in a sentence, mayumo needs other words like demonstrative pronouns (e.g., ini, sini) and possessive pronouns (e.g., imo, kanya).
Mayumo ini nga tinapay.
This bread is soft.
Mayumo an imo kasing-kasing.
You have a soft heart.
Mayumo ini nga lingkuran.
This chair is soft.
Mayumo ini nga sinarungsong.
This sinarungsong is soft.
Mayumo an kanya pagkiwa.
She moves softly.
Mayumo an imo panit
You have soft skin.
Mayumo ini nga panapton
This cloth is soft.
The word kayumo may be alternately used with mayumo. Notice how kayumo is used in the following sentences:
Kayumo sa tinapay.
This bread is soft.
Kayumo sa imo kasing-kasing.
You have a soft heart.
Kayumo sini nga lingkuran.
This chair is soft.
Kayumo sini nga sinarungsong
This sinarungsong is soft.
Kayumo sa kanya pagkiwa.
She moves softly.
Kayumo san imo panit.
You have soft skin.
Kayumo sini nga panapton.
This cloth is soft.
To get a list of Waray words, you may check this site's online Waray dictionary

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