Asking Questions in Waray -- A Series of Who, Whom, Whose Questions

Here's one question that I'd like to answer through a blog post: How do you say "who is he?" in Waray? There are two ways of asking that question using the Waray language: you may either say (1) Hin-o hiya? or (2) Sin-o siya?. Notice that the two interrogative sentences slightly differ because of the letters H and S.

These two variations of Waray are usually referred to by the Waray language speakers as the H-Waray and the S-Waray. The S-Waray is spoken in Northern Samar and in Calbayog.

While the H-Waray speakers use the following words: hin-o, ha, hiton, hiya in their language, the S-Waray speakers, on the other hand, use sin-o, sa, siton, siya, among others. These two Waray varieties also differ in how the English word "whose" is translated to Waray: one says "kanay", the other, "kunay."

This post does not only give a series of "Who" questions, but it also has a "Whom" and "Whose" questions. For your convenience (I mean, if you're here because you're looking for some Waray translations), I have included the H-Waray and S-Waray versions opposite the questions in the English language.

For more Waray words, you may visit the online Waray dictionary of this site.

Who?Hin-o? / Sin-o?
Who is with you?Hin-o an imo upod? / Sin-o an imo upod?
Who are you?Hin-o ka? / Sin-o ka?
Who said that?Hin-o an nagsiring hiton? / Sin-o an nagsugad siton?
Who is your mother?Hin-o an imo nanay? /Sin-o an imo nanay?
Who is your friend?Hin-o an imo sangkay? / Sin-o an imo sangkay?
Who is she/he?Hin-o hiya?/ Sin-o siya?
Who am I?Hin-o ako?/ Sin-o ak?
Who are they?Hin-o hira?/ Sin-o sira?
Who are your (singular) parents?Hin-o an imo mga kag-anak? / Sin-o an imo mga kag-anak?
Who are your (plural) friends?Hin-o an iyo mga sangkay?/ Sin-o an iyo mga sangkay?
Who ate the bread?Hin-o an nagkaon han tinapay?/ Sin-o an nagkaon sa tinapay?
Who cleaned the house?Hin-o an naglimpyo ha balay?/ Sin-o an naglimpyo sa balay?
Who came to the wedding?Hin-o an nakadto han kasal?/ Sin-o an nakadto sa kasal?
Who sold the house?Hin-o an nagbaligya han balay?/ Sin-o an nagbaligya sa balay?
Who sells cakes?Hin-o an nagbabaligya hin cake?/ Sin-o an nagbabaligya sin cake?
Who loves me?Hin-o an nahigugma ha akon?/ Sin-o an nahigugma sa ak?
Who is coming with us?Hin-o an maupod ha aton?/ Sin-o an maupod sa at?
Who is coming with you?Hin-o an maupod ha imo (sing)/ iyo (pl)? / Sin-o an maupod sa im/ iyo?
Who is Jimmy?Hin-o hi Jimmy? / Sin-o si Jimmy?
Who is sitting in front of you?Hin-o an nalingkod ha imo atubangan?/ Sin-o an nalingkod sa imo atubangan?
Who is sitting behind you?Hin-o an nalingkod ha imo luyo? / Sin-o an nalingkod sa imo luyo?
Who is sitting beside you?Hin-o an nalingkod ha imo tupad? / Sin-o an nalingkod sa imo tupad?
Who will help me?Hin-o an mabulig ha akon?/ Sin-o an mabulig sa ak?
Who will sell the house?Hin-o an magbabaligya han balay?/ Sin-o an magbabaligya sa balay?
Who will sit behind me?Hin-o an malingkod ha akon luyo?/ Sin-o an malingkod sa ak luyo?
Who will sit beside you?Hin-o an malingkod ha imo tupad?/ Sin-o an malingkod sa im tupad?
Who will love me?Hin-o an maghihigugma ha akon?/ Sin-o an maghihigugma sa ak?

Whom are you going to invite?Hin-o an imo (sing)/ iyo (pl) iimbitaron? / Sin-o an imo/ iyo iimbitaron?
Whom did you invite?Hin-o an imo / iyo gin-imbitar?/ Sin-o an imo/ iyo gin-imbitar?
Whom will she choose?Hin-o an iya pipilion? / Sin-o an kanya pipilion?
Whom did she choose?Hin-o an iya ginpili? / Sin-o an kanya ginpili?
Whom will I trust?Hin-o an akon tatapuran? /Sin-o an ako tatapuran?
Whom did I trust?Hin-o an akon gintapuran? / Sin-o an ako gintapuran?
To whom will they give the letter?Kan kanay nira ighahatag an surat?/ Kan kunay nira ighahatag an surat?
To whom did they give the letter?Kan kanay nira iginhatag an surat?/ Kan kunay nira iginhatag an surat?
To whom will we sell the house?Kan kanay naton igbabaligya an balay?/ Kan kunay nato igbabaligya an balay?
To whom did we sell the house?Kan kanay naton iginbaligya an balay?/ Kan kunay nato iginbaligya an balay?
With whom are you (singular) going?Kan kanay ka maupod?/ Kan kunay ka maupod?
With whom are you (plural) going?Kan kanay kamo maupod? Kan kunay kam maupod?
Whom will you meet?Hin-o an imo pakikigkitaan?/ Sin-o an imo pakikigkitaan?
Whom did you meet?Hin-o an imo ginpakigkitaan?/ Sin-o an imo ginpakigkitaan?
To whom will she be introduced?Kan kanay hiya igpapakilala?/ Kan kunay siya igpapakilala?
To whom will they be introduced?Kan kanay hira igpapakilala?/ Kan kunay sira igpapakilala?
To whom was she introduced?Kan kanay hiya ginpakilala?/ Kan kunay siya ginpakilala?
To whom were they introduced?Kan kanay hira ginpakilala?/ Kan kunay hira ginpakilala?

Whose house is this?Kan kanay ini balay? / Kan kunay ini balay?
Whose house is that?Kan kanay iton balay?/ Kan kunay iton balay?
Whose letter is this?Kan kanay ini surat? / Kan kunay ini surat?
Whose letter is that?Kan kanay iton surat? / Kan kunay iton surat?
Do you (sing) know whose book this is?Maaram ka kon kan kanay ini libro? /Maaram ka kon kan kunay ini libro?
Do you (pl) know whose book this is?Maaram kamo kon kan kanay ini libro? / Maaram kam kon kan kunay ini libro?
Does she know whose book this is?Maaram hiya kon kan kanay ini libro?/ Maaram siya kon kan kunay ini libro?
Do they know whose book this is?Maaram hira kon kan kanay ini libro?/ Maaram sira kon kan kunay ini libro?


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