Waray Expressions Using the Word DIRI

Diri is the Waray equivalent of the Tagalog word "hindi".  It means "no" or "not".  Below are some expressions containing the word "diri".
diri andam
not ready
diri angay
not fit (as in not fit for the job)
diri babayaan
will not be left behind 
diri ginrerespeto
not respected
diri halot
diri harumamay
not easy (What I went through was not easy.)
diri hinatag
not given
diri human
not finished; unfinished
diri ighahatag
will not be given
diri kinasingkasing
not sincere
diri maapi
will not participate
diri mao
incorrect; improper
diri mabubuhi
cannot live; will not live
diri madidipara
will not be noticed
diri mahibabaro
will not know
diri mahibabaruan
will never be known
diri magbabag-o
will not change
diri magbabasul
will not regret
diri mag-iimod
will not watch
diri magikan
will not leave
diri maglalabot
will not meddle
diri maglalaum
will not hope
diri magsasaad
will not promise
diri magsasari
will not try
diri magsasarit
will not ask permission
diri magtitikang
will not start
diri mahinatagon
diri mahingangalimot
will not forget; will not be able to forget
diri mahingangalimtan 
will not be forgotten
diri makakag-imod
will not be able to watch
diri makakalauy
will not be able to visit
diri makuri
not difficult
diri malilibuan
cannot be cheated on; cannot be swindled  
diri malilikayan
cannot be avoided
diri marururespeto
not deserving of any respect 
diri masayon
not easy (The test was not easy.)
diri mautro
will not do it again
diri mauutro
will not happen again
diri na
not anymore
diri nabulig
does not help
diri naeskuyla
does not go to school
diri nagbabasul
does not regret
diri nagbubuwa
does not lie; is not lying 
diri naglalaum
does not hope
diri nagtitikang
does not start
diri nagugutom
not hungry
diri nahahadok
diri nahatag
does not give; ungenerous
diri nahigugugma
not in love
diri nahingangalimot
cannot forget
diri nahingangalimtan
cannot be forgotten
diri nahingangaturog
not sleepy
diri nahimumurayaw
uneasy; restless
diri nahimumutang
same with diri nahimumurayaw
diri nakakabulig 
does not help; cannot help
diri nakakakaturog
cannot sleep
diri nakakasabot
cannot understand
diri nakaon
does not eat
diri narespeto
does not respect
diri naruruyag
does not like
diri nasabot
does not understand
diri nasari 
does not try
diri nasarit
does not ask permission
diri nasasabtan 
cannot be understood
diri uutruhon
will not do it again
diri pa
not yet
diri pinapasaylo
not forgiven
diri tangkod
diri tangpos
diri tinuyo


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