How to Add a Gadget on Blogger -- A Beginner's Guide

After you have set up your Blogspot blog, there's something else you should be doing aside from stuffing your blog with new content: adding gadgets to your blog. Are gadgets important to a webpage? Probably for someone who's new to blogging, you may not consider this very necessary.

There are instances, however, when the presence of a gadget proves to be beneficial. For example, I usually check the profiles of those who follow my blog so I can follow their blogs, too. Many of these newer blogs don't have the JOIN THIS SITE gadget. I could have been their follower if only I was given the option to hit that button (The older sites provide a subscription button to their readers. But that's another story.)

Adding a gadget or gadgets to your blog may increase a visitors' engagement with your site. Not only will they have the chance to read your posts, but they will also get to see other features from your blog's sidebars or footer, e.g., a list of your popular posts as well as the categories or labels of your posts.

How are gadgets added to a Blogger or Blogspot blog? Here are 4 easy steps to guide you:

  • Log in to your account at and go to the blog you want to edit. Click LAYOUT. You will see it after clicking that arrow near the "VIEW BLOG" button.

  • Click ADD A GADGET.

  • Choose the gadget you would like to add. Gadgets are grouped into four: Basics, Featured, Most Popular, and More Gadgets. There's also an "add your own" option at the bottom of the four groups I mentioned. You can find the +1, Blog Stats, Followers, and Popular Posts buttons under the Basics group. After you have chosen the right button, click SAVE.

  • You may move the gadget down by dragging the mouse. Once you have finalized the position of your newly-added gadget, click SAVE ARRANGEMENT.

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