Whale Skeleton in Silago, Southern Leyte -- the First on Leyte Island

The whale skeleton is the first in Leyte, hence, Silago is one ideal destination for educational trips among students in the provinces of Leyte and Southern Leyte. The locals refer to the whale skeleton as bukog sa dakong isda (bone of a big fish).
The dead whale was seen on the shore of Silago in 1996 and this was preserved by the local officials and the community. It is now available for public viewing at the town's children's playground.

Aside from showcasing the first and the only whale skeleton on Leyte island, Silago is also known as the last seat of the remaining evergreen lowland dipterocarp forest in Leyte. I am placing here a link to my article Sights and Scenery Around Silago, Southern Leyte, Philippines for more photos of Silago.

Three Words Rejected By Triond

I recently submitted a movie review on Black Swan to Triond. Before it was accepted for publication, I had to edit it 5 times because of profanity and spelling errors. I know that that article has a slim chance of being visible in Google Search insofar as article length is concerned; however, I insisted to write it that way because the style itself spoke of how I felt and how I feel about the movie.

The review uses 28 words only. I personally think that the movie can be told in a series of words and does not need a series of long sentences and paragraphs. Anyway, here are the three words rejected by Triond: girly, lesbo, masturbate. In the review, girly became girlish, the phrase hot lesbo sex became lesbian sex, and masturbate became masturbation


Since Triond completely shut down in 2016, I have started recovering my old posts from the site. The original review - uncensored, in 29 words - can be
found here.

How Can I Protect My Articles From Plagiarism?

Who wants their articles to be plagiarized? No one. As online writers we want the best for the articles we write. We study how the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) works and we aim to get a high-page rank from Google Search. Being plagiarized is the last thing we want to happen to our articles.

How, then, can you and I protect our articles from plagiarism? Here is one technique -- write one-page articles only. If you intend to write a longer article, have them in installments by writing a series of articles. Why should you do this? Let me tell you what I recently discovered -- Google Search does not show the contents of the 2nd and 3rd pages of articles. It only shows the first page of an article and excludes the rest of it. Read more