Wednesday, May 4, 2011

On Activism

Why do people hold and join rallies? Certainly, there are more than one thousand reasons why they do it. Probably they experienced injustice at one point in their lives and they feel that the only way to regain back what they lost is by going out in the streets and by letting the world know about this injustice. Or perhaps they have developed in themselves what is called social awareness. We refer to them as "mulat ang kaisipan" because they care about other people's affairs and they care about what affects the society in general.

Perhaps, we will only understand the psyche of an activist if we are activists ourselves or if we hear a firsthand account of their lives. Here's the story of Ka Isko, as told by my friend, Likha: Ka Isko was born two years after martial law was declared by Philippine Dictator Ferdinand Marcos. That was in 1974. His father was a labor leader and his mother was a laundrywoman. With his parents’ meager income and four siblings to feed, Ka Isko helped out by working as a shoeshine boy. As a child, he knew how it was to be poor but finding out why they were poor was the least of his concerns. Here's the full story of Ka Isko: The Making of an Activist

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  1. Hi sis! Uy, malaking karangalan ito. Maraming, maraming salamat sa iyo. We pray for all those who have suffered and sacrificed their freedom and even their lives to make this place a better world for our children!

    All the best to your blog sis! Ingat!