Three Waray Adjectives: MAUPAY, MABAYSAY, MAHUSAY

These three adjectives - maupay, mabaysay, and mahusay - are often interchangeably used by Waray speakers when describing things especially when expressing something positive. I will explain through this post how each word is different from the two other words.

When a thing or an idea is described as maupay, it suggests that it is of good quality. Let's have the following examples:
maupay nga payong (umbrella)
maupay nga bisikleta (bicyle)
maupay nga eskuylahan (school)
maupay nga seminar
maupay nga kahoy (tree)
The focus when describing a thing as maupay is on its function or usability; hence, maupay nga payong suggests that an umbrella is good and that it performs its function well as an umbrella. Maupay nga eskuylahan is a school that offers quality instruction. Meanwhile, a person described as maupay is somebody with good qualities as an individual. It may also suggest that the person has an unquestionable character or reputation.

maupay nga asawa (wife/husband)
maupay nga bata (boy/girl)
maupay nga babaye (woman)
maupay nga duktor (doctor)

mabaysay nga eskuylahan (Visayas State University)

To describe the above-mentioned nouns as mabaysay still suggests goodness or the quality of being good; however, the focus of mabaysay is more on the physical attributes of a thing or of a person. An umbrella may be perceived as mabaysay (beautiful) because of its intricate design. Mabaysay nga kahoy (tree) may imply that it has various colors or that it looks physically good. A school may be described as maupay (offers quality instruction) and mabaysay (having a beautiful campus) at the same time.

maupay nga eskuylahan (Visayas State University)

To a Waray speaker, a seminar may be good (having excellent speakers, good food, comfortable venue), but not beautiful; hence, seminars are rarely described as mabaysay. A doctor is usually maupay (good) nga duktor. To say that the doctor is mabaysay simply means she is a female and is lovely. Yes, the word is not normally used when describing males.

mahusay nga daraga (beautiful lady)

The third adjective, mahusay, also means beautiful or lovely and can be used in lieu of mabaysay. In fact, the two words are almost synonymous.

Here's one very important difference between these two words: an umbrella may be described as mabaysay, but it cannot be called mahusay by a Norte Samarnon Waray speaker. Why? It's because mahusay is exclusively used when describing people, particularly women; thus, we say:
mahusay nga babaye (beautiful woman)
mahusay nga bata (beautiful girl)
mahusay nga asawa (beautiful wife)

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