MagWARAY kit! -- A Waray Language Tutorial -- What is Kalugaringon?

In my desire to be faithful to my URL's name, warayblogger, I am giving you this Waray language tutorial. I will start this series with the word kalugaringon. Why kalugaringon? It is because it's one of the Top or Most Searched Words on my Triond dashboard and I figured it's about time to devote one separate post for this word.

Lugaring, which means own (adj), is the root word of kalugaringon. Let me show you some sentences in Waray using the word lugaring before giving you kalugaringon. For easy understanding, I am highlighting the pronouns and their English counterparts.

  1. Lugaring ko ini nga desisyon. -- This is my own decision.
  2. Lugaring ko ini nga kinabuhi. -- This is my own life.
  3. Lugaring namo ini nga balay. -- This is our (hers and mine) own house.
  4. Lugaring nato ini nga pulong. -- This is our (yours and mine) own language.

A new word is formed by adding the prefix "ka" and the suffix "on" to lugaring; hence, kalugaringon which means self. Take a look at these sentences:
  1. Hinihigugma ko an ako kalugaringon. -- I love myself.
  2. Ato irespeto an ato mga kalugaringon. -- Let us respect ourselves.
  3. Kanya ginpalitan bag-o nga kalo an kanya kalugaringon. -- He/She bought himself/herself a new hat.
  4. Tutdoi an imo kalugarigon. -- You teach yourself.
    Kalugaringon as used in these sentences functions as a reflexive pronoun; hence, it always comes with a possessive determiner or possessive pronoun. The same word can be used as an intensive pronoun as in
    Waray sa ak lain nga binulig. Ako la kalugaringon. (No one helped me. I did it myself)
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    Online Writing Idea # 1 -- Write About Your Hometown

    The place where you came/come from can be your own vessel of writing ideas. You may start by writing about your growing-up years in your hometown or about other things close to your heart. The possibilities are endless -- you may write about your childhood friends or you may describe your town market, or probably you may even talk about the local politics in your area.

    Sometimes, there are stories that are worth writing about, but the locals fail to recognize their potential. I found one story of this sort in San Roque, Northern Samar, my hometown. We have this plant called bagong or Amorphophallus paeoniifolius which we associate with the Christmas season. Bagong is San Roque's famous Christmas delicacy, yet no one from my place had written about it before my article, Amorphophallus paeoniifolius: A Famous Christmas Delicacy in San Roque, Northern Samar, Philippines came out. I got the support -- I mean, I had instant readers -- of the residents of San Roque when said article was published online.

    A bagong (Amorphophallus paeoniifolius) farm in Barangay Bantayan, San Roque, Northern Samar, Philippines.

    Meanwhile, if you are as lucky as Ima Vee, a Triond writer who hails from Dapitan City, you can do a lot of interesting articles related to your place. Dapitan was Jose Rizal's place of exile from 1892 to 1896 and being the Philippine National Hero, Rizal is one figure that interests every Filipino.

    Relief Map of Mindanao. Rizal made this map in his attempt to show to his students and to the people of Dapitan the map of Mindanao. Photo by Ima Vee.

    Ima Vee featured Dapitan's scenic spots in Tour to the Shrine City of the Philippines. One will see Dapitan beyond that particular Philippine history lesson -- that it was Rizal's place of exile -- after reading the article. Not everyone can go to Dapitan for a visit; hence, a write-up describing the place through words and photographs is a great alternative.

    The same article inspired Ima Vee to write 15 Interesting Things Most Filipinos Don't Know About Jose Rizal. She capitalized on the idea that Rizal was formerly "a neighbor" and wrote about him.

    So, what are you waiting for? Explore your hometown, go out for a walk, and talk to people in your place. You might find an inspiration for a topic somewhere. Remember, ideas abound everywhere. You just have to look around, be inspired, and write about it.Best Blogger Tips

    Introducing -- A Series of Online Writing Ideas

    Since my site is called Online Writing Ideas, I will give you, my dear readers, a series that will feature articles on various topics. Writing may be a very messy and tedious process, but it can be fun at the same time. Witness how each writer attacks his/her subject.

    Join me as I talk about these concepts which we usually ignore.Remember that ideas abound everywhere.We just have to look around, be inspired, and write about it.Best Blogger Tips

    Unclassified: The Jerk Factor

    Why are some people jerks? What possesses someone to act like a jerk? Just how messed up in the head does someone have to be to derive some perverse sort of pleasure from being a jerk? I cannot understand the mind-set in such an individual. So why am I addressing this issue?

    Yesterday I had to deal with a jerk -- a total jerk. I won't get into specifics, as we all have to contend with these lower life-forms from time to time. Are jerks born of jerks? Perhaps so. Look -- here's a jerk debouching from the mother jerk! Jerks live on the margins of politeness, circling the drain of total *sshole-ism, and are ultimately bound to plummet into its depths.

    Venting? You bet I am!!! 

    When one is basically a happy person, as I consider myself to be, these jerks really stand out. Maybe that's what elicits their jerk-like behavior -- sensing happiness in others, a happiness that they themselves lack.

    Did you ever hear of the Peter Principle? Jerks were certainly factored into the formulation of the Peter Principle. In fact the higher a monkey climbs a pole, the more his ass shows!!!

    Don't mind me.

    I'm stark raving calm.


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    What Next?

    Ok, some titular head of a terrorist organization got whacked -- BFD!!! That's only today's big news. Just two days prior, the wedding of Prince William was the news. Not all that long before that, the Japan disasters. Trapped miners being rescued. Big earth in Haiti. Big earthquake in ... where was that? I don't even remember. It seems that the news media leads us all by the nose from one big earth-shattering event to the next, with hardly any time for a breath in between. What next?!?

    Well, I'll tell you what's next for me - nada, nichts, waray, wala, N-O-T-H-I-N-G. I am so sick of being manipulated by this media circus and what they determine is of importance to us. It's time for me to get off of this mad merry-go-round ride spinning every day or two into some new crisis/event/disaster/celebration/discovery/death/etc. Remember the saying "think globally, act locally"? It's time for me to stop thinking globally, because it's too damn distracting. It's starting to blot out all the local. Now don't misunderstand me -- I'm not retreating into my cocoon and saying adios to all things external.

    Back in my younger college days, I completely quit reading any newspapers. I also quit watching television for that same time period, which was about two years in duration, and you know what? I had a GREAT time. OK, perhaps my studies suffered slightly, I'll admit to that, but there wasn't much lacking in my life by not being constantly plugged in to the news media. If anything, I felt more attuned to my surroundings.

    I look at my life then, and compare it to the here and now and see how much more people are plugged in to the world's technology. Ipods, iphones, geez -- everyone's so caught up in the latest electronic technology that I see constriction instead of new vistas being opened up. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a technophobe, but I'm not a techno-addict either. I just think... well, in a nutshell.... I guess what I'm saying is ...

    What next?!?Best Blogger Tips

    On Activism

    Why do people hold and join rallies? Certainly, there are more than one thousand reasons why they do it. Probably they experienced injustice at one point in their lives and they feel that the only way to regain back what they lost is by going out in the streets and by letting the world know about this injustice. Or perhaps they have developed in themselves what is called social awareness. We refer to them as "mulat ang kaisipan" because they care about other people's affairs and they care about what affects the society in general.

    Perhaps, we will only understand the psyche of an activist if we are activists ourselves or if we hear a firsthand account of their lives. Here's the story of Ka Isko, as told by my friend, Likha: Ka Isko was born two years after martial law was declared by Philippine Dictator Ferdinand Marcos. That was in 1974. His father was a labor leader and his mother was a laundrywoman. With his parents’ meager income and four siblings to feed, Ka Isko helped out by working as a shoeshine boy. As a child, he knew how it was to be poor but finding out why they were poor was the least of his concerns. Here's the full story of Ka Isko: The Making of an Activist

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